The collector of the glorious rarities
2-4 players
Age: 12+
40-60 min.
An atmospheric family game set in the world of Victorian England.

The Badger buys a rare portrait by DaVinci for his collection. Sounds weird? Not at all! Try yourself as a famous gallerist: buy valuable relics, hold exhibitions, participate in auctions and try to achieve greater success that your competitors.

Interesting concept of engine building: play wisely as not only bought relics matter but also the moment of placing them in your manor.

Dynamic pricing: market will react on your actions whenever you buy or sell things.

Variable difficulty of the game: easy mode - for beginners, hard mode - for more experienced players.

Art in progress.
Inside the box:
• Double-sided gameboard
• 4 player pads
• 55 relics tiles
• Lots of coins in denominations of 1, 2 and 5
• 4 royal coins
• 40 tickets
• 8 royal tickets
    • 42 cards of letters
    • Stock market
    • 10 wooden markers (to determine stock-market prices and stickers for them)
    • 8 cardboard meeples
    • 1 exhibition token
    • Rulebook
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    Cosmodrome Games,
    Moscow, Russian Federation
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