Skytopia: in the circle of time
Become the leader of the sky city and grow your influence in the land of Skytopia!
2-4 players
Age: 12+
40-60 min.
Skytopia: in the circle of time - is a strategic game based on innovative worker-placement mechanics mixed with time management.

Every hundred years only one city is proudly awarded The Sky Capital. To earn this title city leaders have awakened the force of nature - giant golems, who will help them build glorious castles. The one who constructs the greatest castle wins.

A unique spinning calendar shows the game time - rely on it while placing your golems on the construction site. Skytopia is not about aggressive competition but it includes tension and fascinating interaction of players.

Art in progress.
Inside the box:
• 4 pads - flying islands of players
• 4 tiles with the pad abilities
• 64 cards of buildings
• 12 tiles of the guild's persons
• Big calendar circle
    • Counting track
    • 20 dices (4 colours)
    • Lots of gear wheels (use to play the golems)
    • Rulebook
    Should you have any questions, please contact us!
    Cosmodrome Games,
    Moscow, Russian Federation
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