Frozen Frontier
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1-4 players
Age: 12+
60 min.
Frozen Frontier is a brand new strategy game where you need to get resources for saving the Earth.

Year 2100...Population of the Earth has reached 14 billion. Global imparity, economic and environmental issues caused lack of resources, air pollution, hunger and poverty. People tried to solve this crisis but all actions were useless, even the mission of Solar System colonization could not solve these problems.

Is there any hope for salvation? The discovery of "wormholes" in outskirts of Solar System allowed people to take the first step towards the stars. The government of the United Civilizations opens the mandates for four space mining corporations, which will provide the Earth with super-cheap electricity.

In the game Frozen Frontier you arrive at Janus at the beginning of second clonizational stage. Your aim as a head space mining corporation is to constantly provide supplies of energy and resources to the Earth, control a fast growing flow of colonists and, of course, increase the value of your company's shares. Game is based on the unique mechanic of resource collecting.

Art in progress.
Inside the box:
• Game board (6 parts)
• 12 city tiles
• 4 player boards
• 60 project cards
• 18 subsidy cards
• 18 star-up cards
• 20 star-up tokens
• 80 colonists tokens
• 60 coins
• 4 harvesters miniatures
• 72 buildings miniatures
• 35 helium tokens
• 3 scoring tracks
• 12 scoring tokens
• Rules of the game
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